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alp-tone manufactures premium, hi-fidelity audio cables based upon efficient designs that maximize value...


each cable series is built around a specific conductor wire chosen for its unique characteristics and superior qualities in audio signal transmission. a number of standard configurations are available for each cable type to facilitate system matching.  other cable types  and custom configurations are easily accommodated.  please contact alp-tone directly with details and specifications.


alp.wE series


alp.wE series cables utilize conductors manufactured by the re-established Western Electric.  the KS-13385 audio transmission wire is a tin-plated, multi-strand copper conductor with a pvc dielectric and lacquered cotton braid sheath.

while using modern manufacturing techniques and precision, the KS-13385 wire is made to the exact same specifications as the 1950s original.



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alp.Sn series


alp.Sn series cables have conductors manufactured by Duelund Coherent Audio.  this conductor is also a tin-plated, multi-strand copper wire.


specifically, DCA wire is tin-plated, OFC copper which is sheathed in a cotton braid dielectric that is oil-impregnated and baked.  it therefore, has only natural materials along its signal path.



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alp.Cu series


alp.Cu series cables utilize conductors made from ultra-pure, mono-crystal copper manufactured in the up-occ process.


this ultra high-conductivity copper is able to transmit electrical signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC copper wires.




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