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burn-in     alp-tone cables sound great when new; however, as with all audio cables they benefit from an initial period of burn-in.  the sound quality of alp-tone cables will continue to improve over the first 100 hours or so of use; at which point, they should be fully burned-in and at their optimum.  the most significant improvement occurs over the first 25 hours and it is not unusual for the sound quality to fluctuate somewhat over this period.


exterior cable sheathing     alp-tone cables have an ultra high-quality exterior sheath made of a resonance-damping, double-braided nylon multifilament material.  it is extremely strong yet very flexible.  the sheath color / pattern of a specific cable may differ somewhat from the product images and is determined by the size necessary for the core configuration ordered.

speaker cable termination     the available 8mm spades and banana plugs are non-plated, bare copper which provides the natural high-conductivity connection of a bare-wire termination.  this bare electronics grade OFC will not turn green or oxidize heavily under normal conditions and some simple handling practices will keep it looking new and performing well.  periodically, clean the connectors with a dry copper/silver jewelry cleaning wipe.  adding a drop of lemon juice to the wipe will aid in cleaning the copper.  also, terminal connection to the conductor wire is mechanical which has lower resistance than a soldered connection.  soldered connections are available upon request.



interconnect cable shielding   alp-tone rca / xlr interconnect cables have both shielded and unshielded versions.  design and configuration are as follows:


rca interconnect cables:   shielded rca cables have a twisted-pair conductor core inside a full shield of braided tinned-copper.  the shield is connected to the ground at one end of the cable but left floating at the other end.  this prevents any current flow from intercepted RF/EM interference mixing with the audio signal while still allowing it to drain to ground at the connected end.  unshielded rca cables have only the twisted-pair conductor core.


xlr interconnect cables:  shielded xlr cables follow the AES standard for balanced audio wiring: twisted-pair conductor core with full shield ground.  shielding material is braided tinned-copper.  unshielded xlr cables have a twisted-pair conductor core and a separate third wire for the ground.

shielded interconnects are industry standard and recommended for most customers.  unshielded versions, however, can be recommended to those specifically seeking the simplest configuration and most direct signal transmission - provided their system is not uniquely subject to RF/EM interference.  modern line-level voltages can be in the 2.0 to 3.5 volt range for unbalanced, rca connections and even higher for balanced, xlr connections.  at these voltages in typical environments, RFI/EMI is not usually a practical issue.





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