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alp-tone cables have an ultra high-quality exterior sheath made of a resonance-damping, braided nylon multifilament material.



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alp-tone manufactures premium, hi-fidelity audio cables based upon efficient designs that maximize value...


alp-tone’s principal philosophy is that audiophile products should be based upon straightforward, unembellished designs; meticulous materials selection; and the highest quality production possible.  such audio components also need not be exorbitantly priced.


each cable design starts with the deliberate selection of a conductor wire chosen for its unique characteristics and qualities in audio signal transmission.  subsequent to that selection, the design is completed using the most straightforward and minimal configuration possible.  finally, in the the realization of the design alp-tone selects the highest quality materials available at a justifiable cost.  the end result is a cable that simply and directly transmits the intended signal.


alp-tone cables are also attractive.  with significant attention given to aesthetics and appearance, their unique and defining visual characteristic is the multicolored double-braid sheathing.








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